Alf Rehn

Alf Rehn
Photo by: Henry Harrison

Alf Rehn has held the Chair of Management and Organization at Åbo Akademi University in Finland, a professorship of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and is currently Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark.

In addition to this he is active as a columnist, author, and a sought-after speaker. As a thought-leader and trickster he has challenged and amused people in a plethora of fields and in a number of countries.

»also known as an academic enfant terrible«

A well-regarded academic – but also known as an academic enfant terrible – Alf Rehn combines rigorous analysis with a creative and often surprising outlook on life, bringing in topics like popular culture and philosophical theory into his analyses of modern business and contemporary economy.

Professor Rehn’s approach to management and business is highly creative and often turns taken-for-granted notions on their head. Rather than presenting the same buzzword as everyone else he challenges our thinking by arguing for things like taking frivolity seriously, that innovation has become boring, that brands are uninteresting and that real business wisdom can be found in comic books. At times provocative and always engaging, he represents a fresh new way of thinking about business.

His research focuses on novel ways to understand management, organization and economy, and has been published in leading academic journals.

Alf Rehn’s book Dangerous Ideas: When Provocative Thinking Becomes Your Most Valuable Asset is a bestselling book on creativity for people who do not like books on creativity. Translated into eight languages (including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Italian), it challenges the overly positive manner in which creativity is often presented and argues for a broader understanding of the phenomenon – including paying attention to shocking, childish and unseemly things.

His forthcoming book focuses on innovation, the threats it faces and what we can do about it: how it becomes devalued and lost; how innovation fatigue afflicts organizations; why more books on innovation won’t necessarily make things any better; and how we need to elevate our innovation cultures to deal with the evils of today.

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Photo by: Henry Harrison
Photo by: Henry Harrison
Photo by: Henry Harrison
Photo by: Henry Harrison
Alf Rehn fotograferad i Helsingfors.



»Alf Rehn’s keynote presentation moved many of our delegates, it was inspiring and thought-provoking and certainly a highlight for our event – The feedback from our delegates said the same – it was fantastic! Thank you to Alf Rehn for bringing creativity and innovative thinking to a successful event!«

Feyi Taiwo, Programme & Content Coordinator, The Superyacht Group 


»We very much enjoyed Alf’s exciting keynote speech, which evoke new ways of thinking and was definitely one of the highlights of this year‘s strategy meeting.

The workshops worked out very well, too. Alf managed to motivate all attendees to get involved and share their opinion and access to the topic.

We would like to thank Alf for his valuable contribution to a very successful meeting.«

Dr. Michael Tojner, Vorstand Montana Tech Components GmbH


»Many thanks indeed for your contribution to our conference. Your presentation made a considerable impact. It was very well received. The following days a lot of reference was made both to yours and Robs presentation, this probably was the most positive of all.«

Henrik Tirsgaard, Head of Geoscience Maersk Olie & Gas AS


»Thank you very much for participating in the speaking programme at the AFCP and ICMA “Expanding Horizons” Global Summit in Atlanta.  A few comments stating:

  •  ” Excellent. Really made me think and question.”
  •  “Quite an entertaining chap! Right on with biz using social media annoyingly.”
  •  “Very engaging, lots of energy.”

Once again, many thanks for your contribution.«

Shau Klomp Bueters, Operations Manager, International Classified Media Assoc. (ICMA)


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