Speakersnet is a speakers agency which exclusively represents a limited number of influential speakers with solid international reputations.

SpeakersNet serves as the link between world-renowned speakers and ambitious clients who expect the very best support for their events.

We work closely with an exclusive group of the leading thinkers in the Nordics. With a long-term approach to our speakers’ careers and ideas, we are with them all the way – from inspiration to presentation.

The success of our clients’ events is paramount and our hands-on service reflects that. We monitor each step of the process, applying our vast experience and expertise to every detail of every event we work on.

Speakersnet is a Swedish company located in the historical Old Town of Stockholm. But our reach is truly worldwide. Since 1993 we have worked with companies, public sector organisations and NGOs in more than a hundred countries.

As part of the knowledge-based group Volante – active in publishing and research as well as events – solving problems is in our DNA. But the way we work is also inspired by our speakers’ own philosophies.

SpeakersNet was built on the legacy of Jan Carlzon’s global bestseller Moments of Truth, first published in 1986 with a tremendous impact that is still vivid and relevant. We started to live the message and has continued to do so: it is the ‘first impression’ that is the critical moment of truth, and if not taken care of this so much are lost.This is relevant to us in our relations, both with our clients and customers. We also know that this is what events are about: Many moments of truth. Everything has to work. Every detail counts.

Another book that has played a big role in the company’s development was Funky Business by Kjell A. Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle. As with Moments of Truth, this book too became a groundbreaking international hit, which lead to hundreds of talks around the world for the authors/speakers, and consequently the foundation of a global structure of and network for SpeakersNet.

The book Funky Business itself, and its message conveyed by these super speakers, was also important considering what it preached: there is no business as usual, you have to be different in order to compete, and continuously adapt to the customer’s need.

We are proud to practise what our speakers preach – with passion for every stage.