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Coronavirus Update

This is not a business-as-usual situation for most of us, but we are here to help.

Most of our speakers have important perspectives on current events and can talk about the effects of the coronavirus on international business and globalisation. They have seen downturns before. They have a historical perspective as well as suggestions on what to do now.

They can still do that. Maybe they will not come to you next week, but consider other opportunities. Maybe there is a need for an interactive executive workshop. Maybe this has to be live-streamed.

Suggestions and comments:

  • We all have a responsibility. Social distancing is recommended in zones where the coronavirus is starting to spread.
  • Consider digital tools such as live streaming, for attendees who can’t travel, as well as organising meetings without audience but still live. Workshops can also be held with the help of digital tools.
  • Set up rules. Contact us for checklists and guidelines, such as a guide to ’touchless’ greetings, and advice on how to add washing stations and hand sanitiser at events.
  • Larger international meetings can be broken into smaller regional events.
  • Postpone to a later date if necessary.

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