Ashkan Fardost

“The Internet killed normal.”

Sweden, the late 90’s, a quiet Stockholm suburb. A teen who dreams of being a music producer has just gotten his hands on the first piece of production software capable of rivaling a professional setup. At the time, he is a weirdo – listening to trance, claiming to make music while sitting quietly in his room, refused by every label who gets his demo CDs in the mail. Then, Napster happens.

“You have all misunderstood digitalization.”

From aspiring teen creator to semi-hacker to music producer working with the greats, from a PhD in organic chemistry to collaborations with Hyper Island and the Stockholm tech scene, to the starting-up of Oddball Ventures, and from this diverse portfolio to TEDx and a nomination for Sweden’s Speaker of the Year 2017, Ashkan has not only lived the evolution of the internet, but seen it through angles few else have. He is set apart by his insights into the internet as a psychological, sociological and anthropological phenomenon that changes the entire dynamic of the world.

         “A quartet of disciplines to unravel
the future”

If you want to know what apes, farms, gods and robots have to do with the future of business and humanity, you have to hear what Ashkan has to say.

Ashkan’s lecture spans over 8 000 years, from ancient man to the future of mankind. It is a carefully crafted blend of philosophy, sociology, anthropology and technology – a quartet of disciplines that is key to a powerful analysis of the present and future.

Standing on the shoulders of great philosophers and sociologists, he begins by uncovering what it means to be human. With the help of anthropology, he then shows us what catalyzed human civilization and what continues to power it. Hint: it is all about information technology! Last but not least, he introduces the internet and current technological trends to this model, shedding light on the road we are thundering down – and on how it is changing us for good.

Ashkan’s unique macro perspective provides a deep understanding of the future of organizations, companies and societies in our ever-faster changing world. His topics can be tailored for a wide variety of audiences, including but not limited to those who specialize in leadership, innovation, culture, education and social progress.

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© Photography by Mikael Sjöberg
Photography by Annika Falkuggla
© Photography by Mikael Sjöberg


“Ashkan Fardost gave what might have been the day’s most purely entertaining event, albeit with a profound point. Through sheer charm he managed to not alienate his audience with his opening statement “sales are dead”, which was probably a tough sell to the crowd. Over the course of a fascinating 30 minutes he expounded a theory which managed to join the dots between trance music, prehistory cave dwelling society, the implications of the invention of the printing press and why the internet is fundamentally coming full circle back to tribalism. It was a rollercoaster.”

Katarina Bäckman Hed | Executive Producer | Mercuri International Sverige


“The keynote provocation delivered by Ashkan at the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture was insightful, dynamic and thought provoking; it was an aspirational intervention that sparked reactions and conversations, just as we hoped. We are incredibly grateful to Ashkan for his well prepared, grounded and thoughtful contribution to a vital conversation among government leaders, policy makers and civil society on the future of arts and culture.”

Magdalena Moreno Mujica | Executive Director | International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies


”Ashkan delivered a excellent speech. The audience satisfaction was proven the day after when he was quoted by them. Ashkan is an exceptional and humble person and highly professional both in regards to preparations as well as the performance.”

Janine Sjöö | Head of Employee Experience | Stena Line

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