Ashkan Fardost

“The Internet killed normal.”

Sweden, the late 90’s, a quiet Stockholm suburb. A teen who dreams of being a music producer has just gotten his hands on the first piece of production software capable of rivaling a professional setup. At the time, he is a weirdo – listening to trance, claiming to make music while sitting quietly in his room, refused by every label who gets his demo CDs in the mail. Then, Napster happens.

“You have all misunderstood digitalization.”

From aspiring teen creator to semi-hacker to music producer working with the greats, from a PhD in organic chemistry to collaborations with Hyper Island and the Stockholm tech scene, to the starting-up of Oddball Ventures, and from this diverse portfolio to TEDx and a nomination for Sweden’s Speaker of the Year 2017, Ashkan has not only lived the evolution of the internet, but seen it through angles few else have. He is set apart by his insights into seeing the internet as a psychological, sociological and anthropological phenomenon that changes the entire dynamic of the world.

            “Leaders: How can you help make your people immortal?”

Ashkan Fardost speaks on a variety of topics centered around the continuous evolution of the internet. His stated mission: to inspire change and help his audience leverage technology and digitalization. His topics include:

  • You have all misunderstood digitalization: the human perspective changes
  • The Meaning of Being Human In The Internet Age
  • A Robot Can Never Be Intelligent: What AI Really Is and Isn’t

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Photography by: Sebastian Gabsch
Photography by: Annika Falkuggla
© Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
© Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
© Photo: Mikael Sjöberg

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