Jan Söderqvist

Jan Söderqvist is a Swedish cyberphilosopher, futurologist and international speaker. Together with Alexander Bard, Jan is the co-author of five books dealing with the digital revolution and how it’s shaping both the present and the future. The works of Jan Söderqvist and Alexander Bard have been translated into more than 20 languages. And counting.

Jan is speaking about how each and every aspect of society – politics, economics, culture, consumption, et cetera – is being fundamentally transformed by the fact that the Internet becomes the dominating communication technology, dictating completely new conditions for how people relate to each other, and thus changing everything. His firm conviction is that in order to be successful in the society that emerges from this violent revolution, you need a fundamental understanding of how it works and what drives it.

In their latest book, Digital Libido (released in 2018), Jan Söderqvist and Alexander Bard use psychoanalasys to provide a brutally honest analysis of the Internet age and of the consequences of the human psyche confronting tumultuous changes

Jan Söderqvist has earned a BA in Litterature at Stockholm University. He has worked in every branch of media and as a communication consultant. He is a culture critic at the daily paper Svenska Dagbladet and an editor of the cultural magazine Axess. He lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden and Lucca, Italy.

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Photography by Jan S/Pierre Björk