Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotting futurologist and author who weaves together important current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future.

It is the fantastic timing, storytelling and humour that keep the audience – a global audience – laughing and talking well after his talk ends. He has given in excess of a thousand keynote speeches over the past decade to everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs and civil servants in the Middle East to anyone looking to be inspired and enlightened by trendspotting and future-thinking.

»His talks are often described as ‘shows’ or ‘performances’«

As a writer, Magnus Lindkvist is driven by a relentless curiosity about our mental space where the outside world collides with the human brain. His book Minifesto (2016) tells us why small ideas matter in the world of grand narratives. By sharing a vision of the future we can strive to surround ourselves with as many strange, conflicting ideas that we can in order to immerse ourselves in future possibilities and possible futures. His next book, The Reset Book, will be published in 2022.

With a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and a degree in film production from UCLA, Lindkvist weaves together the worlds of quantitative insights with the imaginative storytelling of Hollywood. His talks are often described as ‘shows’ or ‘performances’; he calls it ‘intellectual acupuncture’ with the expressed intention of changing our minds with needles of insight, examples and observations.

He has won several awards for his ‘performances’ on stage and for his books, but perhaps the best acclaim ever given was from an HR director in the UK who said ‘Magnus Lindkvist is the best Swedish export since ABBA and meatballs.’

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Photography by Walter Naeslund
Photography by Magnus Skoglöf
Photography by Walter Naeslund
Photography by Walter Naeslund
Photography by Wouter Roosenboom
Photography by Wouter Roosenboom



“We booked Magnus for our AM Summit 2021 as an energizer talk – and our expectations were more than met. Although probably giving this presentation several times, it felt tailor made for our event and target group, and we felt Magnus being both well prepared and very much present and attentive to the specific event at the same time participating with interest for the conference’s objective and participants.. We were very satisfied – and our feedback from the participants shows a very (!!) high rating for Magnus’ presentation as well. It was a pleasure working with Magnus both from a professional and a personal perspective.”

Aia Lykke | Head of Communications | Dansk AM Hub


“Magnus never fails to engage the audience with a look at the future of our industry, delivered in a fun and entertaining style that links things to today’s realities so that people can see, understand and believe. A great key note with fantastic feedback from colleagues.”

Tom Rose | Head of International Operations | SPAR International

“Magnus was able to deliver his speech in such a unique way that the virtual element actually enhanced the experience. He was able to elevate the use of the virtual medium to make it engaging in a way I never thought possible and envelop participants in a true virtual experience!”

Laura Ramaschi | Operational Marketing Consultant | Facta et Verba

“You absolutely flashed the whole audience last night ! My inbox is exploding with compliments for you and your fantastic speech – the success of the evening is largely due to you! In the name of the whole ACA and ACA team, the attendees, I thank you thouroughly for having accepted to speek at the ACA Insurance Day. It was fascinating!”

Marc Hengen | CEO | Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association

“The very discipline of crafting a few well-honed observations together with a liberal sprinkling of smart case studies into a compelling package of 150 pages or so of text provides all the raw material an author needs for a compelling conference presentation. Some have perfected the art to the point of rock star or stand-up comedian level.
Take Magnus Lindkvist, Swedish futurologist and self-styled ‘trendspotter’ who is currently one of the hottest tickets on the corporate conference circuit. Lindkvist’s three books, including titles such Everything we know is wrong, take a contrary view of world of management. He’s hilariously irreverent, has delegates rolling with laughter and is thus a sure-fire graveyard shift winner for conference organisers.”

Frank Dillon | Journalist | Decision Ireland’s Business Review 


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