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Per Schlingmann

When the world is freed from a years-long paralysis, how can you plot a new course for your organization? How can we find our footing, when progress has taken a sudden leap and launched us straight into the future? And when keeping up means constant change – how can you find the story that will lead you to success?

Essential insights on strategic communication, branding, consumer behavior, corporate culture, and the hidden processes of change

Per Schlingmann is one of Scandinavia’s leading speakers, communicators, and strategists. Drawing on his unparalleled experience of leading through radical change and developing new methods of communication, he uses his storytelling mastery to guide audiences through the unstable present, illuminating the future. With essential insights on strategic communication, branding, consumer behavior, corporate culture and the hidden processes of change, he equips his listeners to face the leadership challenges of tomorrow.

Schlingmann is an influential voice in Swedish politics as well as on the national business arena. He has held numerous executive positions and founded several successful companies. Appointed one of Sweden’s Super Communicators, one of his most noteworthy achievements is the renewal of the Swedish Moderate Party, which contributed directly to their election success in the 00’s and 10’s.

The master communicator guiding audiences through our new, uncertain future

A prolific author, Schlingmann has co-written global bestsellers Urban Express (2014) and Corona Express (2021) with Kjell A. Nordström. Describing the effects of the pandemic on leaders, businesses, societies, and our personal lives, Schlingmann shows how the virus became a time machine – throwing us all into a new and uncertain future. He paints a clear and comprehensive picture of the new landscapes of leadership and employeeship, forever changed, and shows his listeners the new key success factors for management. When work becomes decentralized, what demands will be made of our leaders? When self-leadership grows more common, what will “successful leadership” look like? And how do we build corporate culture, when the traditional office is no longer at its core?

With his unique range of experiences, Per helps companies and organizations deal with issues like change management and communication on a global scale. In the buzzing noise of the digital world, steadily growing louder, being noticed is key to thriving – and with his signature expert narration, Schlingmann can guide your company through the maze of communication.

Researcher, entrepreneur, and storyteller

Schlingmann has built a highly successful career in communication and PR on a degree in Economics from the University of Gothenburg, and has held led many organizations to success. He is a curious and active entrepreneur, exploring new ideas under his own brands, such as Smoky Nordic Coastal Gin and Ecoliving. A sharp researcher and born storyteller, he is the author of books in genres ranging from management to crime to food to feelgood. A true communicator, Schlingmann has the power to spellbind readers as well as audiences, and show them perspectives they never could have imagined.

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Per Schlingman och Kjell A Nordström.

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