Jan Carlzon

Jan Carlzon

Jan Carlzon has for decades been a visionary in business and leadership; he emphasized the importance of the customer-oriented and employee-empowered company before anybody else. Still a popular speaker, an active investor and the author of the most successful Scandinavian management book to date by a CEO, he is still influencing people.

In a recent survey, 1 700 managers were asked which leader or public figure had inspired them the most at the beginning of their working lives – Jan Carlzon received 48 per cent of the votes and was uncontested in that category. Even among young managers he was considered an inspiration, despite the fact that he left the public domain more than 20 years ago.

»Jan Carlzon is still influencing people.«

When the management magazine Chef named the hundred most important events in Swedish management history, publication of Carlzon’s book Moments of Truth (1985) topped the list. It has been translated into 22 languages and is required reading in many companies.

Jan Carlzon was CEO of the Scandinavian airline company SAS for more than ten years, famously turning it around. Before that, he was CEO of the tour operator Vingresor and the domestic airline Linjeflyg.

Jan Carlzon left SAS in 1993 and founded the investment company Ledstiernan, and he was also one of the founders of the e-commerce company CDON.

Carlzon holds honorary doctorate degrees of Law at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.

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An excellent speech is characterized not only by informative content and engaging delivery, but by the speaker’s ability to relate to an audience. In Istanbul, you certainly achieved the mark in each of these areas. The feedback we received from the delegates was overwhelmingly positive. Your keynote address was rated as outstanding.

Christel DeHaan, CEO , RCI International


It was a truly wonderful presentation that inspired and delighted the audience. The feedback has been superb and I am pleased to tell you that you achieved our second highest rating ever.

Ian Parson, Managing Editor, Customer Service Management


On behalf of the New Zealand Institute of Management and the entire audience I would like to say thank you! The feedback we have received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Your belief in, and commitment to, what organisations must do to deliver unparalleled value to their customers is inspirational and your relaxed style is so easy to listen to. Attendees were also impressed with your ability to respond so concisely to questions.

Elisabeth Warren Wotherspoon, Director Executive Development, New Zealand Institute of Management

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